#23 on my 30 Things in 2013 is “Watch all the James Bond movies – in order of production”.

As we all are aware, the James Bond Movies, although based on the Ian Fleming books/short stories, were not produced or released in the same order of the books. I decided it would be ‘fun’ to watch the movies, in order of the production, to enjoy not only the story line, but also the progress / improvements in the cinematography etc.

I do however wish to read the book before watching the movie, which means this “thing/item” cannot start until I finish reading Dr. No – Book #6 (book-list seen in Item #24 )

In any case, below is the listing of the movies, in order of production:

1962    Dr. No
1963    From Russia, with Love
1964    Goldfinger
1965    Thunderball
1967    You Only Live Twice
1969    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
1971    Diamonds are Forever
1973    Live and Let Die
1974    The Man with the Golden Gun
1977    The Spy Who Loved Me
1979    Moonraker
1981    For Your Eyes Only
1983    Octopussy
1985    A View to a Kill
1987    The Living Daylights
1989    License to Kill
1995    GoldenEye
1997    Tomorrow Never Dies
1999    The World is Not Enough
2002    Die Another Day
2006    Casino Royale
2008    Quantum of Solace
2012    Skyfall

This item will start soon… and prepared I am for that! 😉