As we all know, January is the hardest financial month – okay, well at least it is for me.

On Monday I sat down trying to ‘anticipate’ the expected expenses for at least this month (January), then started working all the way through to August and yes, started to panic.

Not because the money isn’t already there or already allocated. But because seeing it all together showed it being a lot whole lotta cash! A big @$$ total!!

 Things like the house or car insurance (in January and August respectively), the renewal of my driving licence for another 10years (in January) or planning a vacation to visit my family (in July) were on my expected list. Things that are needs and those that are wants.

 Then, to ease myself, I decided to section it off by
a) when payment should be made and 
b) when it was actually due (or when the activity would take place)
and somehow that made me feel a whole lot better!
I did also ‘sleep on it’ and came to terms with the amount so maybe that also helped.

I don’t know or believe this is a ‘money-wise’ technique but it helped me. I know the money has to be budgeted / planned for, so it has to be put aside to ensure the things get done. Allocating money out of the ‘upcoming’ month’s budget, at least for these plans, worked for me… to at least see the ‘big’ picture, in the near future.

I’m still trying to figure all this financial stuff out. Let’s see how it goes?