During last month, I contemplated what I could do in the new year on my search for me. I normally follow a couple of blogs (I love Google Reader) with many themes: financial, adventure or enlightening as well as of course, some of my personal friends.

One that I came across, that was referenced in an entry, was Olivia Raymer’s 101 Things in 1,001 Days  . This blog follows her quest for completion of her goals throughout almost 3 years. I love the idea: the idea of commitment and setting an aim or a goal to complete during a certain period of time. I do love the idea, but I really have to work on the commitment aspect of the goal.

So! In ode to a new year, I decided to ‘adapt’ Ms. Raymer’s idea of 101 Things, and create my own list: “30 Things in 2013“. My list is for me; things I want to do this year! Duration 1 year. Let the challenge begin 😉

Here goes (in no particular order):

30 Things in 2013

1.    Exercise / Keep Fit
2.    Do Yoga
3.    Complete Scuba Diving Course
4.    Be a Local Tourist in Trinidad/Tobago

5.    Take a Business course or Project management course
6.    Research / look into starting a business/side project

7.    Bring packed breakfast to work each day, for at least 1 month
8.    Try a new Restaurant each Month
9.    Cook

10.  Host a Dinner Party – where I cook
11.  Go on a real date
12.  Make a new friend

13.  Donate my hair to Locks of Love
14.  Partake in a Service Project/Charity event

15.  Organize/redecorate Bedroom
16.  Sort boxes – throw or organise

17.  Treat myself to a spa day every month
18.  Get a massage
19.  Take a sick day to have a “me day”

20.  Start a new Blog, also highlighting this project   (2013-01-01, T)
21.  Clean up/organize all hard drives/computers/laptops
22.  Complete my travel blog – make it up-to-date!

23.  Watch all the James Bond movies – in order of production
24.  Read all the James Bond books, in order of publication
25.  Partake in the 2013 reading challenge on Goodreads.com – Read 30 books in 2013
26.   – At least 2 of those books should be from “1001 books to read before you die” list
– At least 2 of those books should be Baha’i books

27.  Research and buy a new digital camera (water and or dslr)

28.  Learn Photoshop
29.  Learn/relearn a Language

30.  Travel to at least one (1) NEW Place/Country/State/City –
maybe: Ireland/Scotland/Canada/Grenada????

Save 20USD for every completed item;
Donate (to a charity of my choice) 20USD for every incomplete item.

Where possible, take pictures and / or record the completion of an item.

(Adapted from: http://www.poweredbytofu.com/101-things-in-1001-days/ )